1. Fill Your Cups

1. Fill Your Cups

C-Crets is a weekly podcast that highlights dilemmas faced by underrepresented employees in their quest to climb the career ladder. In their debut episode, hosts Keith Powell and Ricky Robinson share with listeners nuggets of wisdom, known as c-crets, that will help them navigate corporate life. 

Listeners will gain insight about the journey towards the C-suite, and come away from each episode with helpful tools and resources to succeed in the corporate arena. 

This week on C-Crets

[2:58 ] The reason Keith and Ricky started the podcast

[ 3:30] Keith tells listeners about his background and history of being ‘the only’

[8:54] Ricky shares his story with listeners 

[11:30 ] Ricky’s tendency to be overly prepared 

[14:19] Authentically talking about the C-suite experience

[15:40] What listeners should expect from C-Crets 

[18:00] Knowing your value proposition

[19:41] Three little bears syndrome

[21:46] Showing the receipts–statistics

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