15. Code Switching: Acting on Stage at Work and at Home

15. Code Switching: Acting on Stage at Work and at Home

As a minority, being able to navigate your environment while maintaining a sense of authenticity is a balancing act in corporate America. Should you suppress your cultural identity to obtain career success, or should you sacrifice advancement for the sake of bringing your full self into the workplace? From the way you talk to what you wear, members of underrepresented groups often switch it up to not only fit in but further their careers. Listen as Keith and Ricky share their experiences of code-switching in the workplace, and give you valuable insights, including why the ability to code-switch is a powerful skill.

This week on C-CRETS

[4:00] What is code-switching

[8:49] Learning to code-switch

[14:00] Hijacking the language

[16:30] The impact of code-switching 

[17:36] The negative outcomes 

[23:13] When code-switching increases

[25:05] Avoid conforming to stereotypes

[28:23] The mental stress of code-switching

[ 29:50 ] What is ‘acting black’

[33:00} C-CRETS on code-switching

Resources mentioned

C-CRETS Podcast

“A Study in Blackness: What is ‘Acting Black’?”

Harvard Business Review: “The Costs of Code Switching”

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