16. Ego vs. ROI: Getting the Value Out of Your Education and Certifications

16. Ego vs. ROI: Getting the Value Out of Your Education and Certifications

Does it matter where you went to college? In this episode, Keith and Ricky talk about colleges, multiple degrees, and the return on investment (ROI) of your education. They’ll share insights on educational traps versus educational gains, as well as how your educational investment can move the needle forward in your career.

This week on C-CRETS

[7:32] The options that are made available

[11:00] Professional students

[14:09] Education isn’t the differentiator when climbing the corporate ladder

[15:29] Different starting lines from education to corporate

[16:53] Understand how your credentials are valued by your employer

[18:04] Don’t overvalue your degrees over your performance and relationships

[20:42] Men with BA degrees out-earn women with BA degrees

[21:26] White workers out-earn other races at every level

[24:26] Black graduates leave college with more debt than white graduates

[27:30] Students of elite colleges earn more on average

[30:58] Attending a for-profit college can be worse than not attending college

[33:25] C-CRETS to maximizing your education and credentials 

Resources mentioned

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Pay Scale: The Best Universities for a Bachelor’s Degree

U.S. Dept of Education Study: Economic & Educational Status 1 Year After Graduation

American Progress Study: Racial Gap Among College Students

Are Certifications More Valuable Than a College Degree

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