2. Combating MicroAggressions

2. Combating MicroAggressions

This week on C-Crets

Part of climbing the corporate ladder entails understanding microaggressions. In this episode, Keith and Ricky share their experiences with microaggressions, along with the  negative outcomes that can result from coded language. Tune in for C-CRETS on combating rhetoric that undermines you in the workplace. 

[1:42] What is microaggression

[3:26] The promoted employee

[7:37] Talking white and acting funny

[8:40 ] Daily coded language 

[11:49] The rationale behind microaggressions

[12:57] The narrative power of this language

[16:36] You’re not a team player

[17:24] Stalled in the workplace 

[ 21:41] A pattern of interruption

[23:39] Recognizing and responding to microaggressions

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