21. Ignore, Copy or Destroy – Corporate America’s Predictable Instincts

21. Ignore, Copy or Destroy – Corporate America’s Predictable Instincts

When it comes to race and equity, Corporate America has engaged in a cycle of behavior that’s proven to be harmful to underrepresented employees. Are there two systems of justice?  Recent incidents including the death of George Floyd and the insurrection on the Capital further highlighted the racial disparities in America. In this first episode of Season II, Keith and Ricky discuss Corporate America’s response to recent events and how it translates to the workplace, an unlevel playing field, and breaking the cycle of inequality. 

This week on C-CRETS:

[6:22] The three reactions of Corporate America 

[7:20] The ignore response

[10:30] Newfound support

[11:55] Pausing point or true awakening

[13:54] The financial benefits of cultural appropriation 

[18:04] Destroying and devaluing what’s viewed as threatening

[23:51] The negative consequences of predictable behavior

[26:45] The black experience in Corporate America

[31:40] C-CRETS companies can implement to break their predictive instincts 

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