23. Finding Your Zen: Pandemic Work Life Balance and Beyond

23. Finding Your Zen: Pandemic Work Life Balance and Beyond

The new normal has included employees saving on a tank of gas and the cost of lunch, while companies are saving on previous employee expenses, including gym memberships and Metro bus passes. 

For some employees however, having an office at home has brought up new challenges, including working beyond the 9-5 timeframe. Many have found it difficult to find balance during COVID. In this episode, Keith and Ricky talk about how COVID has impacted the work-life balance of underrepresented employees and give you four concrete C-CRETS on how to find harmony in these two important areas during the ongoing pandemic.

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:55] The new normal

[8:11] Employee benefits

[10:06] New microaggressions 

[13:08] The responsibility on women

[20:19] Chat boxes and virtual muscles 

[21:28] Balancing work and home life

[21:55] The negative outcomes of work-life balance

[26:24] How are workers feeling during the pandemic

[28:30] Racial disparities during COVID

[30:38] Going beyond work hours

[35:15] 4 C-CRETS to work-life balance

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Resources mentioned:

Morning Consult Survey

Qualtrics Survey: Inequitable Impacts of COVID on Careers

Pew Research Study

Economic Policy Institute: Black Workers and COVID

S&P Global COVID-19 Survey

Racial Disparities – COVID-19

Working From Home While Black

Zooming While Black

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