28. “The Dangers of Performative Allyship” – Breaking Bread with Amber Cabral

28. “The Dangers of Performative Allyship” – Breaking Bread with Amber Cabral

Will there be an end to the corporate theatrics? In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky discuss corporate America’s instinct to create convenient messaging. They’re also joined by Inclusion and Diversity Consultant and CEO at Cabral Co. Amber Cabral.

Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., Amber’s company helps guide organizations that want to create and execute strategies that achieve sustainable, inclusive behavior shifts in the workplace. Listen as Amber talks about workplace inclusion including performative allyship and white fragility. She also addresses why allyship remains important and provides six helpful strategies from her book Allies and Advocates: Creating an Inclusive and Equitable Culture.

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:42] Performative support

[7:06] The rise of Asian hate

[8:14] Rewards of performative allyship

[14:05] The privileges of skin color

[16:40] Village mentality

[20:12] Conversations with allies

[22:31] The commonness of white fragility

[28:38] Why underrepresented employees need allies

[32:55] Amber’s six behaviors to becoming a better ally

[38:16] Black women advocating for themselves

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