31. The New Dilemma: The Right Thing vs. The White Thing

31. The New Dilemma: The Right Thing vs. The White Thing

Being an initiator or a supporter of BIPOC causes has presented the dilemma—the right thing or the white thing. Choosing to remain silent on issues affecting persons within underrepresented groups, however, does not place you in a neutral position. In today’s episode, hosts Keith and Ricky will share stories that exemplify this moral dilemma, which many people in corporate America face. They’ll also hit you with some receipts on the impact of not leaning into doing the right thing and share helpful C-CRETS on how both corporations and employees can, in fact, choose to do what’s right. 

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:22] Hiring dilemmas

[7:42] Sticking one’s neck out for BIPOC causes

[17:00] Mistrust of institutions and white colleagues

[17:53] The silent approval of the status quo

[18:55] The negative consequences of silence

[23:19] Receipts on the impact of not doing what’s right

[30:53] Three C-CRETS for employees on how to do the right thing

[35:44] Four C-CRETS on how corporations can do the right thing

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