34. The Struggle is Real: Black Women & Mental Health

34. The Struggle is Real: Black Women & Mental Health

African-Americans consistently face issues that cause stress and trauma, whether it’s unfair treatment at work or housing discrimination. While some of the dilemmas we face have recently been highlighted in news outlets, many people continue to silently face daily challenges. May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. In this episode, you’ll hear from three black women who’ll share personal experiences that impacted their mental health. In addition, the stigma on mental health issues within the Black community will be discussed, and we’ll share some resources that can help you  manage mental health challenges. 

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:28] Women won’t get help

[14:40] Going to therapy

[19:13] We seek experts for our bodies but reject mental experts

[25:34] Triggering events

[31:50] Business unusual

[33:46] Receipts on the mental health of black people

[40:00] Advice on getting mental support

[47:33] Mental health conditions

[57:30] Finding the right mental health professional or resource

[58:30] Two C-CRETS for dealing with mental health

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