36. Skin Folk & Kin Folk: Real Talk on Colorism

36. Skin Folk & Kin Folk: Real Talk on Colorism

Is privilege disbursed based on a person’s skin color, even within the black community? In today’s episode, the hosts and a panel of three black women discuss how colorism continues to affect our community. Listen as they share their experiences with both colorism and class. You’ll also get receipts on the impact of colorism and learn two C-CRETS on what can be done to level the playing field.

This week on C-CRETS:

[7:39] The extra ‘thing’ we carry

[9:38] What is colorism

[15:13] The social constructs of skin color

[19:23] Internalized racism

[24:00] Perpetuating the lie within the black community

[27:34] Creating the shift

[39:29] Class consciousness

[48:33] Receipts on colorism

[50:35] C-CRETS on changing colorism

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National Conference for Community & Justice Colorism Resources

Skin Tone Stratification in Health Among African-Americans

A Dissertation on the Cues of Colorism


Center for Human Development

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