38. Juneteenth Sincerity vs. Shenanigans

38. Juneteenth Sincerity vs. Shenanigans

Have you ever thought about the history behind the holidays celebrated in America?

In today’s episode, the hosts discuss the history of Juneteenth, and share personal memories on the struggle for MLK Day to become recognized as a national holiday. You’ll learn why recognizing and supporting heritage months and days, such as Juneteenth, is important for everyone. Finally, you’ll hear C-CRETS on how Corporate America can better support heritage holidays.

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:50] Many people don’t know about Juneteenth

[5:07] The history of Juneteenth

[9:49] The fight to make MLK Day a holiday

[13:15] The filibuster tactic

[15:57] Consequences of dismissing other people’s heritage

[19:19] Receipts on why companies should recognize these holidays

[23:25] Social footprints translate to dollars

[24:54] C-CRETS on how companies can support heritage holidays

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