39. Black Pride and Prejudice

39. Black Pride and Prejudice

In the US, June is LGBTQ Pride Month. In today’s episode, the hosts are joined by Dr. Telaireus Herrin, otherwise known as TK. Listeners will hear Keith and TK share some of their personal experiences of climbing the corporate ladder as gay, black men. In addition, receipts will be shared on the experiences of LGBTQ+ employees, including African-Americans, in the workplace. Finally, you’ll get a double dose of C-CRETS on how LGBTQ+ employees can advocate for themselves, as well as what organizations can do to show their support.

This week on C-CRETS:

[2:26] The Stonewall Riots

[11:08] Hiding who you are in corporate

[14:38] TK shares his coming out story

[18:17] Keith also shares his story

[21:11] The freedom to be yourself

[23:19] Coming out at work

[30:13] The choice to be vocal

[31:15] Does coming out hurt or help your career?

[34:18] Geography affects coming out

[40:25] Progress in corporate America on gay issues

[46:13] The negative consequences of dismissing LGBTQ+ voices

[51:01] Receipts on the experiences of LGBTQ+ employees

[58:51] C-CRETS to boost your career

[63:23 ] C-CRETS organizations can implement to help LGBTQ+ employees 

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