4. Don’t Zap Your Career…Dealing with External Static

4. Don’t Zap Your Career…Dealing with External Static

Epi 4: Dealing with External Static

External static happens whenever people or situations disrupt your serenity. In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky talk about the impact of external static on the person climbing the corporate ladder. Whether it’s the extra financial pressure that comes from being the one that ‘made it’ or dealing with health issues due to stress, you’ll learn why it’s important to recognize and deal with external static before it cripples your career.

This week on C-CRETS

[2:45] Examples of external static

[10:19] Why you must identify what’s causing external static

[13:21] What caused Ricky’s life to change

[14:50] This causes bitterness no matter where you go

[15:59] Keith talks about losing focus because of family matters

[20:20 ] External static impacts both your health and your wealth

[24:40] Stats on white households

[26:30 ] Three C-CRETS to coping with external static

[28:31] Moving pass survivor’s remorse

[31:33] Asking for the help you need

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