40. Season 2 Finale: Protecting Your Coin

40. Season 2 Finale: Protecting Your Coin

Season II has been a remarkable journey for C-CRETS. Among the highlights of this season, we talked about the impact of women’s voices, held conversations on taboo topics within the African-American community including mental health and colorism, and discussed the performative responses of corporate America.

Listen as we recall some of the top shows from the first two seasons of the podcast. We’ll also share personal memories of getting paid and provide receipts on why it’s important that you save and invest your coins. In addition, learn 5 C-CRETS on how you can protect your money so you’ll have a nest egg to rely on.

This week on C-CRETS:

[7:46] The hosts recap some of their favorite episodes

[10:57] Think about protecting your coin

[13:32] Student loans, the IRS, and family

[15:33] Negotiate your salary

[17:06] Supporting family

[18:47] The consequences of no financial planning

[23:25] Receipts on the generational wealth divide and the compound effect

[33:47] C-CRETS to stacking more coins

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