45. Moving From Individual Contributor to People Leader

45. Moving From Individual Contributor to People Leader

BIPOC employees often have to take additional steps to move from individual contributor within a company, to becoming the person who leads others on the job. Listen as we share some of the struggles underrepresented employees face while seeking out management opportunities. We’ll also provide receipts on the real-life barriers confronting them and offer some solid C-CRETS that you can follow to secure a spot in management. 

This week on C-CRETS:

[2:42] Women and BIPOC employees are often required to take extra steps

[3:00] Who’s preventing you from being a people leader?

[4:40] Leaders who step on others

[7:40] Making end-game adjustments

[9:20] From colleague to boss

[12:24] The price of leadership

[17:55] Contributions without credit

[20:35] Stopped in your tracks

[22:32] The lack of leadership development

[25:50] Receipts on the barriers underrepresented employees face

[31:25] 4 C-CRETS to reach the manager ranks

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Resources mentioned:

Positioning Yourself for a Management Role

10 Signs You’re Ready to Move Into a Management Position

2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics: Racial Demographics by Job Type

Harvard Business Review:Toward a Racially Just Workplace

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