48. Affinity or Assimilation: Why We All Need Affinity Groups

48. Affinity or Assimilation: Why We All Need Affinity Groups

Do you have a space to talk about your experiences with people similar to you? Being part of an affinity group can give you a space to learn, develop your skills, and build relationships, among other benefits. In today’s episode, we’ll share why affinity groups are critical for underrepresented employees and their importance in our own career progression. We’ll also provide receipts on why affinity groups matter. And in addition, you’ll get a double dose of C-CRETS on what underrepresented employees can do to leverage affinity groups within their organization and what organizations can do to support affinity groups.   

This week on C-CRETS:

[5:07] What are affinity groups

[8:36] A space to learn

[10:10] Empowerment through affinity groups

[13:21] Being advocates for each other

[16:27] Women and affinity groups

[19:33] The impact of affinity groups

[20:15] The pressure to assimilate into the majority culture

[22:56] Fueling innovative solutions

[23:47] Perpetuating norms

[24:43] The benefits of affinity groups

[32:00] Four C-CRETS for individuals on leveraging employee resource groups

[37:40] 4 C-CRETS on how organizations can support employee resource groups.   

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Resources mentioned:

 Diversity Best Practices Guide to Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs): What They Are & Why They’re Beneficial

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