52. Can We Just Stop All This Damn Performative Allyship?

52. Can We Just Stop All This Damn Performative Allyship?

Performative allyship remains a detriment to actual change in the lives of people of color, and the slight of hand business tactics without any meaningful support has not gone unnoticed. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about performative allyship as it relates to current events. We’ll also share some examples of performative allyship in the public and private sector, from the NFL to the billions promised in pledges by Fortune 1000 companies to support racial equity. In addition, we’ll provide relevant receipts on this issue, and give 4 C-CRETS on what you as an individual and companies can do to stop the performative acts and become advocates for change.

This week on C-CRETS:

[5:00] Performative acts

[15:47] Over $200 billion in pledges made by Fortune 1000 companies

[16:41] Unfulfilled tech commitments

[18:55] Glitzy marketing campaigns

[22:00] Providing opportunities during the downturn

[24:40] Promises without any accountability

[29:00] Receipts on performative allyship

[34:52] C-CRETS on how to stop the performative acts

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Resources mentioned:

Mismatched: Philanthropy’s Response to the Call for Racial Justice

NFL Trevor Project Ad

Jay-Z and the NFL Partnership

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