55. Do the Hustle: Betting on Yourself While Maintaining a Day Job

55. Do the Hustle: Betting on Yourself While Maintaining a Day Job

How do we manage our high-level roles at work and our side hustle—C-CRETS? How can having another source of income benefit your life? Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about dynamic changes, including many employees being allowed to work from home. Since then, more and more employees have begun reevaluating their workplaces and what’s important to them, as evident in the growing trend of side-hustling. In today’s episode, we’ll take a deep dive into side hustling, including how we started the C-CRETS podcast, the legal aspects of side hustles, and how to successfully do a side hustle while maintaining your day job.   

This week on C-CRETS:

[2:28] Looking for new income streams

[4:39] Things to consider before building a side hustle

[9:10] The legal issues

[14:48] Starting C-CRETS and turning your passion into profit

[18:35] Scheduling and showing up for your business

[20:15] Networks and income streams

[21:18] Consider the exit strategy

[24:00] Don’t let your side hustle consume you

[28:00] Receipts on side hustling

[34:38] C-CRETS on starting a side hustle

[40:50] Getting to the coin

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