58. Bridging the Gap: Effectively Using HR

58. Bridging the Gap: Effectively Using HR

How can the Human Resources (HR) department help you navigate your career? Why is it important to be proactive about building a relationship with a HR leader? Here’s the thing, HR leaders are in the room when career discussions are taking place. In today’s episode, we’ll share why connecting with your HR department’s important and how we’ve effectively used HR throughout our own careers. In addition, we’ll provide some receipts on how HR can help you thrive in the workplace, and share 4 C-CRETS on how you can effectively partner with your HR leader to enhance your career.

This week on C-CRETS:

[3:52] Utilizing your HR department

[11:42] How Ricky’s effectively used HR to move forward

[13:29] Keith shares why a relationship with a HR partner’s important

[15:45] Ricky’s misstep

[21:51] Receipts on how HR can help your career

[26:46] 4 C-CRETS on effectively building a relationship with HR

[33:45] Behind the scenes content

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