61. The Truth Behind Tech: Real Talk with Alan Stein

61. The Truth Behind Tech: Real Talk with Alan Stein

How diverse is the technology industry? We’re kicking off season 4 of the podcast with founder of Kadima, Alan Stein, who talks about his experiences advocating for BIPOC and female employees within tech. Listen in as Alan also discusses why, as a white man, he decided to start Kadima, a career acceleration program that helps in placing BIPOC and female employees in tech. In addition, we’ll provide you with some receipts on the representation levels of BIPOC and female employees within this industry, while Alan shares C-CRETS on what you can do to begin a career in tech.  

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:04] Alan shares his career background

[7:01] The purpose of Kadima

[8:35] White solidarity and exposure to diversity

[11:29] Performative actions

[13:26] Aspirational talking points, but static numbers  

[17:00] Unaligned incentives

[18:16] Alan’s corporate turning point

[22:20] Starting Kadima and accelerating careers

[26:44] Why Alan’s using his privilege to help others

[28:24] The right zip code

[28:58] Receipts on representation within the tech industry

[34:39] 6 C-CRETS to working in tech

[37:45] Thriving in tech

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Resources mentioned:

Racial Diversity in Tech

People of Color in Tech Report

Choosing Courage

The First 90 Days

Alan Stein

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