64. Microaggressions Revisited

64. Microaggressions Revisited

Has your boss ever questioned you about how you’re spending your time out of the office? In today’s episode, we’re revisiting microaggressions in corporate America. The truth is, microaggressions have an impact on how people treat those outside of their racial group. Listen in and you’ll gain clarity as we share several examples of microaggressions, as well as some personal stories. In addition, we’ll provide receipts on the impact of microaggressions on marginalized groups, and give you 3 C-CRETS on how to deal with it, both as a perpetrator and as a victim.

This week on C-CRETS:

[3:32] Accessibility and the extra ‘asks’

[5:45] The three types of microaggression

[10:06] Taking notes

[11:20] Dissing my name

[13:20] The designated black person

[15:00] Good English

[15:50] Misgendering and pronoun misuse

[17:19] Color-blindness

[19:25] Assumed criminality

[20:44] Offensive descriptors

[22:00] The myth of meritocracy

[25:00] Receipts on microaggressions in the workplace

[30:42] 3 C-CRETS on dealing with microaggressions, both as a perpetrator and as a victim

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Resources mentioned:

Micropedia: Resource for Understanding Microaggressions

Curiosity at Work Survey

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