70. Who the F**K is “They”?

70. Who the F**K is “They”?

Have you ever received news or feedback from someone who claimed it wasn’t really from them, instead ‘they’ said it? What happens when people are generalized as ‘they’?

In today’s episode, we’re seeking to answer, who is this unnamed “they”? Listen as we talk about generalizations and stereotypes, and how they’ve impacted our career. In addition, we’ll share how this helps those in power maintain the status quo and control.

We’ll also provide receipts on the negative impacts of generalizations and stereotypes, and three C-CRETS on how to gracefully clap back when they’re used.

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:27] Etiquette class

[5:57] Unfounded assumptions

[8:24] Maintaining power and control

[10:48] Performance reviews

[14:18] Creating narratives

[15:55] Management said

[17:54] Untrue statistics

[20:43] Receipts on the negative impact of generalizations

[25:54 ] C-CRETS on how to respond when generalizations are used

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Overgeneralization is Dangerous

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