74. I Got Something to Say: Thought Leadership 2.0

74. I Got Something to Say: Thought Leadership 2.0

What are the roadblocks preventing you from establishing your voice as a thought leader? How can you become a better thought leader within your industry? In today’s episode, we’ll recap some key themes from one of our most popular episodes where we covered thought leadership. In addition, we’ll expand on how you can become a thought leader, provide receipts on the benefits of being known as a thought leader, and share four C-CRETS on what steps you can take to build thought leadership.

This week on C-CRETS:

[4:36] What makes someone a thought leader

[7:09] Hijacking messaging

[9:04] 4 C-CRETS to build your thought leadership

[11:48] Breaking down thought leadership

[17:30] Inclusive policies

[21:33] Building trust and new opportunities

[25:25] Programed in unbelief

[27:15] Receipts on the benefits of thought leadership

[34:12] 4 C-CRETS on establishing thought leadership

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