8. I Need to Get Paid…Understanding Total Compensation

8. I Need to Get Paid…Understanding Total Compensation

When you receive a job offer, it’s important that you negotiate your total compensation. In this episode, Keith and Ricky discuss the long-term impact of not understanding total compensation. Childcare, bonuses, stock options, and equity are among the incentives discussed. You’ll gain clarity on why it’s not all about the base salary and why you should always negotiate for total compensation.

This week on C-Crets

[1:36] Why you should think beyond the base pay

[6:52] Women and people of color start off at a wage gap

[9:25] Ricky shares the beginning of his career journey

[12:46] The importance of researching a job opportunity

[15:00] Receiving equity from an employer

[25:07] Keith’s relocation experience and the importance of compensation

[29:07] The first offer is generally not the best offer

[31:07] The reason getting advice is important for minorities

[38:32] Being selfish about your compensation

[46:13] PayScale.com and Salary.com are among the resources to research salary

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