9. Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed…Negotiating Total Compensation

9. Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed…Negotiating Total Compensation

The wage gap continues to be a major dilemma for underrepresented groups with long-term effects. In this episode, Keith and Ricky share their experiences with negotiating compensation, the systematic impact of under-earning, and the potential negative outcomes of not negotiating properly during an interview. You won’t have to view your next job offer as a Rubic cube. Instead, you’ll go into it confidently asking for what you want.

This week on C-Crets

[7:06] Negotiating is about setting yourself up for long-term success

[8:13] The job position that was eye-opening for Keith

[9:47] Ricky shares about a negotiation blunder

[13:03] Keith gives key advice about total compensation

[17:34] 5 reasons you should negotiate your salary at every job

[19:27] Ricky shares results from a global staffing poll

[22:36] People who negotiate their salary see an average increase of over 7%

[25:00] Don’t freestyle negotiations and other c-crets you should know

[35:35] Key phrases to use when negotiating your salary  

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