51. Beer, Golf and Other Necessities to Reach the Top

What would you do if your boss invited you to play golf or to another social gathering? In this episode, hear why turning down too many social opportunities at your job may not be the best career move. In fact, networking with your boss, peers and other senior leaders in your organization can present you […]

50. The New Chief in the Family: An Interview with C-CRETS Co-Host Ricky Robinson

It’s a double milestone episode for C-CRETS! This is the 50th episode of the podcast, and Ricky’s recently been appointed Chief People Officer at Wisk, an urban air-mobility company. In this episode, Ricky shares details about his leadership journey and some of the lessons he’s learned along the way. He’ll also pull back the curtain […]

49. Proving vs. Improving: How Ego Can Ruin Your Career

Have you ever dealt with an ego-driven boss? Do you work with a colleague who’s always right? In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the trap of a big ego, and share some of our personal experiences on how ego can negatively impact a company’s results. You don’t have to let your ego become an unnecessary expense. […]

48. Affinity or Assimilation: Why We All Need Affinity Groups

Do you have a space to talk about your experiences with people similar to you? Being part of an affinity group can give you a space to learn, develop your skills, and build relationships, among other benefits. In today’s episode, we’ll share why affinity groups are critical for underrepresented employees and their importance in our […]

Showing Up As a Thought Leader

We began our podcast, C-CRETS, to help underrepresented employees get their coin and a seat at the table. We’ve shared key strategies on personal development, stories about our own struggles, and insider information on climbing the corporate ladder. Our aim was to disclose information, aka C-CRETS, that enables you to thrive.  The podcast kicked off […]

46. Do They Hear You?? Getting Off Mute and Becoming a Thought Leader

We’re living in a time when stellar performance at work is no longer enough to be promoted. Among the high performers in your field, you’re going to still have to separate yourself. But how? In this episode, we’re answering a listener’s question on thought leadership. Listen as we give you some examples of thought leadership, […]

45. Moving From Individual Contributor to People Leader

BIPOC employees often have to take additional steps to move from individual contributor within a company, to becoming the person who leads others on the job. Listen as we share some of the struggles underrepresented employees face while seeking out management opportunities. We’ll also provide receipts on the real-life barriers confronting them and offer some […]

44. The Executive Roadmap: An Interview with Anton Vincent

In today’s episode, we’re joined by the President of Mars Wrigley North America, Anton Vincent, who oversees iconic brands, such as M&M’s, Snickers, and Lifesavers. During our conversation, Anton shares some of the challenges and opportunities he’s faced along his path to the top. We also discuss what it’s like as a Black leader driving […]