Epi 112:  Oreo Cookie Trauma

Have you encountered an Uncle Tom on the job? While it may be easy to spot an Uncle Tom, it isn’t always easy to discern an Oreo. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about the Oreo cookie, including how they navigate the workplace and what not to expect from them.  Truth is, not everyone will stay […]

Setting Your Own Expectations

It’s hard to maneuver in your career while being Black due to societal expectations. When black employees react negatively to other employees or unfair situations at work, the spotlight often is on the employee and not what triggered a reaction. On our podcast C-CRETS, we’ve discussed certain ‘triggers’ such as microaggressions in the workplace. This […]

Episode 111: The White Disadvantage Myth: Why We Must Stay on Code

The myth of ‘white disadvantage’ is a dangerous narrative that actually protects the advantages of being white in America.  It serves as an intentional and dangerous push in our country, akin to the narrative of white victimization; and has shown up through banned book campaigns,  the recent fight over Congressional districts in Alabama, and the […]

Episode 110: Blackness, Death and Grief

Do you know your company’s employment policy on grief? Have you ever faced obstacles at work when dealing with personal grief? While new employees focus on benefits such as vacation and sick leave when getting hired, other benefits, such as bereavement leave matter.  In this episode, we discuss grief and the impact it has on […]


In season 6 of C-CRETS, the theme is “Staying on Code.” Staying on code means doing your part to uplift your demographic. There are many BIPOC employees that champion this message. But in order to advance your group, you must first advance yourself as an individual. In other words, having the ability to pull others […]

Episode 109: Gaslighting – Psychological Manipulation – Who’s Zoomin’ Who?

Have you ever encountered a coworker or situation at work that made you second guess yourself? Have you ever felt incompetent in your workplace? Maybe it’s you–or maybe you were actually being gaslighted to feel this way?  In today’s episode, we’ll talk about gaslighting, including what it is, and provide examples of when we’ve experienced it […]

Episode 108: The Data Don’t Lie: A Conversation with Mark Palmer

In today’s episode, Mark Palmer joins us in the C-CRETS chair, as we talk about understanding and connecting with others, playing to one’s strengths for career advancement, the insights gained from being the only, and modeling inclusivity. Mark has 20 years of corporate experience including strategic planning, market research, and data analysis. He is co-creator […]

Episode 107: The 4 P’s of Black Expectation

There are 4 P’s of black expectation. The impact of having to live up to these expectations adds another layer of trauma, and puts up barriers that many BIPOC employees must overcome, in order to succeed in their careers.  In this episode, we’ll define the 4 P’s of Black expectation, talk about how they have […]

Episode 106: No More Okie Doke! Using Your Power for Good

Have you ever been asked to accept a lateral move on the job? Is taking on an interim position always beneficial to your career? There are many circumstances when underrepresented employees believe they’re positioned for career advancement, but they end up getting the okie doke.  Today, we call out the fake allyship and camouflaged sponsorship […]

Episode 105: Going to School and Getting on Code:  A Conversation with Dr. Gene Harris

Inequitable educational systems led to inequitable generational outcomes for people of color.  In today’s episode, we’re joined by Dr. Gene Harris as we talk about the public education system and how we can advocate for change. Dr. Harris’ career in education included serving as the 19th superintendent of the Columbus City Schools (CCS), Ohio’s largest […]

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