In our daily lives there are many people who remain apprehensive as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. There are a number of reasons for this, including fear of the unknown, as well as the onslaught of information. Since the pandemic began, there’s been swift adjustments in our daily lives within a short space of time, including […]

40. Season 2 Finale: Protecting Your Coin

Season II has been a remarkable journey for C-CRETS. Among the highlights of this season, we talked about the impact of women’s voices, held conversations on taboo topics within the African-American community including mental health and colorism, and discussed the performative responses of corporate America. Listen as we recall some of the top shows from […]

39. Black Pride and Prejudice

In the US, June is LGBTQ Pride Month. In today’s episode, the hosts are joined by Dr. Telaireus Herrin, otherwise known as TK. Listeners will hear Keith and TK share some of their personal experiences of climbing the corporate ladder as gay, black men. In addition, receipts will be shared on the experiences of LGBTQ+ […]

38. Juneteenth Sincerity vs. Shenanigans

Have you ever thought about the history behind the holidays celebrated in America? In today’s episode, the hosts discuss the history of Juneteenth, and share personal memories on the struggle for MLK Day to become recognized as a national holiday. You’ll learn why recognizing and supporting heritage months and days, such as Juneteenth, is important […]


What’s it like being black and female in Corporate America?  First, despite black women pursuing college degrees at a high rate, they are also the last to be considered for leadership positions. What this means is that with less representation available in managerial roles, the likelihood of climbing into even higher corporate positions is slim.  […]

37. Intersectional Invisibility: Black and Female in Corporate America

What’s it really like being a black woman in corporate America? In today’s episode, the hosts continue their panel discussion with three black women who, this week, share what it’s like being the ‘only’ one in the room. They also talk about sponsorship and code switching for the come up. You’ll also learn some statistics […]

36. Skin Folk & Kin Folk: Real Talk on Colorism

Is privilege disbursed based on a person’s skin color, even within the black community? In today’s episode, the hosts and a panel of three black women discuss how colorism continues to affect our community. Listen as they share their experiences with both colorism and class. You’ll also get receipts on the impact of colorism and […]


The COVID-19 pandemic and the rise of hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI) has illustrated the reality that some persons within this demographic face, that is, they are not only fighting against the virus, they’re also combatting challenges that stem from racism. In a recent article by the nonprofit media organization National […]

34. The Struggle is Real: Black Women & Mental Health

African-Americans consistently face issues that cause stress and trauma, whether it’s unfair treatment at work or housing discrimination. While some of the dilemmas we face have recently been highlighted in news outlets, many people continue to silently face daily challenges. May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. In this episode, you’ll hear from three black women […]