In our efforts to pay bills and meet other expenses, it’s easy to lose track of our spending. But just as we seek shelter on a rainy day, we also have to ensure we’re covered financially when unexpected circumstances arise. Here’s where saving money comes in, as it can help provide financial security, and safeguards you […]


If you look online, you might assume that many people are earning an income of six figures. However, this is not really the case. This $100,000 salary threshold is reached by a minority of employees. In fact, the average American worker actually makes closer to $51,480, according to a USA Today article. For the most part, […]

100. Season 5 Finale: Stay Ready – Getting Your Marketing Collateral Tight

As we wrap up season 5 of the podcast, it’s also a celebration of 100 episodes of C-CRETS!  We’re so appreciative of our C-CRETS village. Some village members have gone on to become coaching clients, and to-date, we’ve helped clients get more than $6M in total compensation increases. We wanted to create a podcast that […]

99. Just Get Over It? The Trauma Endured by Black Employees in 2022

In 2022, from the workplace to the global stage, there have been many examples of the imbalance of justice based on race. In today’s episode, we’ll recap some pivotal moments this year that caused black people harm and share why it matters when it comes to our careers. Then, we’ll discuss how continuous trauma and […]


A report from National Student Clearinghouse indicates that there’s approximately 1.5 million fewer students enrolled in college than before the pandemic. However, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and online schools have seen an increase in their enrollment numbers. This according to the Wall Street Journal article College Enrollment Declines Again Though Online Schools, HBCUs […]

98. The 4th Stakeholder: A Conversation with Victor Cho

We’re joined by former CEO of Evite, Victor Cho, in this episode. Victor is also an entrepreneur, having started several tech ventures, and serves on several boards including Modo. Victor’s passionate about making positive social change and mentoring the next generation of Asian leaders. Today, he’ll share his journey to becoming a corporate leader with […]

97. White Tears? Whose FEARS??

This week we’ll share with you an email we received from a C-CRETS listener about her experience with white tears in the workplace. We define white tears and share examples of what it looks like, before providing you with receipts on its impact in the workplace. Then we share with you 3 C-CRETS on how […]

96. 2022 Elections: Democracy Wins and Saves BIPOC Lives

This week on the C-CRETS podcast, we’re sharing our analysis of the 2022 midterm elections from the perspective of underrepresented people. We’ll also point out some anomalies and other interesting aspects on how underrepresented employees voted. Then, we’re providing receipts on how certain national issues disproportionately impact underrepresented employees, and C-CRETS on how each of […]

95. Breaking Barriers in Sacred Industries: A Conversation with Caryn Nightengale

There’s a lack of women and ethnically diverse representation in ‘sacred’ industries within Corporate America. These industries include private equity, high tech, and med tech. In today’s episode, Caryn Nightengale, a board director at Atlis Motor Vehicles, joins us to talk about her career journey.  We’ll also discuss the lack of gender and ethnically diverse […]

94. Kanye, Oy Vey: Anti-Semitism in the Workplace

In today’s episode, we’ll talk about anti-Semitic dialogue, and our experience with anti-Semitism and how it shows up in the workplace. We’ll also provide you with receipts on the impact of anti-Semitism and C-CRETS on how to combat it as an individual and as an organization.  This week on C-CRETS: [4:07] The backlash on Kanye […]

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