In our daily lives there are many people who remain apprehensive as the COVID-19 pandemic continues. There are a number of reasons for this, including fear of the unknown, as well as the onslaught of information. Since the pandemic began, there’s been swift adjustments in our daily lives within a short space of time, including wearing of face masks, washing of hands, and less travel abroad.

Many people have also lost their jobs and have sought new employment, while others have realized the importance of remaining marketable in the job sector by upgrading their skills.

C-CRETS has sought to educate our listeners in the world of work. We know that once a person’s pockets see an increase that many aspects of their lives can significantly improve. A sense of having some economic security for you and your family during these trying times is a powerful thing.

In case you missed it, let’s recap some of our favorite episodes from season 2. Take a listen, write down some notes, and more importantly—implement some of the C-CRETS that we share with you in each episode.   


More black narratives need to be shared as each individual story is meaningful. 

We need more African-Americans speaking up at home, in the workplace, and everywhere in between. In episode 25 of C-CRETS, Theresa Robinson shared why African-American women releasing their voices was critical.

Listen as we encouraged you to show up, speak up, and let other people experience more faucets of who the black woman is, from the naturalist to the K-POP enthusiast. By being vocal about your experiences, more people can witness your humanity. 


In the corporate world, it isn’t just about getting the work done. 

In episode 29 of C-CRETS, we shared with you what it means to have executive presence and how you can develop it. 

Executive presence is a combination of gravitas (confidence, poise and decisiveness), communication (speaking skills, assertiveness, and ability to read the room), and appearance. 

In this episode, we told the whole truth, which is that people first filter other people by their appearance. Putting your best foot forward will always help to increase your chances of securing a leadership role.


The direction of your career trajectory begins with you and your ability to make an impact. There’s no point in keeping a record of what your colleagues are doing, as your time will be better spent focusing on doing meaningful work.

In Episode 33 of C-CRETS, we talked about completing the activities or tasks under your job spec versus implementing decisions that not only drive the company, but move your career forward as well.

In addition, we emphasized the importance of being able to articulate your value, as it remains an important step in obtaining a leadership role within an organization.


There are many roadblocks that underrepresented employees face during their career. This makes climbing the corporate ladder harder. As we wrap up season 2 of C-CRETS, we’ve shared with you sound strategies that, when implemented, will help you make significant strides. Use the upcoming six months creating opportunities that build momentum in your career.

Season 3 will kick off on August 11th! In the meantime, visit our website, and let’s stay in touch!

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