20. Season 1 Finale: Avoiding the Performance Review Trap and Looking Ahead

In this episode, hosts Keith and Ricky discuss their season one journey. They also encourage listeners to take stock of the work they’ve done at the job and prepare themselves for their company’s performance review. Organizations also hear helpful tips on how they can improve their performance review processes. This week on C-CRETS [2:40] How […]

19. Do You Really Want to Help? How White Colleagues Can Become REAL Allies

Have you been asked this question: “What can I do to help?” As African-Americans, we don’t need promises of help, we need allies who execute on plans that benefit the black community. In this episode, white allyship and the hosts’ experiences with racism is discussed. In addition, they explain how white colleagues can become better […]

18. 2020 Election Postmortem: What the Hell Just Happened?

The 2020 US presidential elections will have a long-term impact. In this episode, Keith and Ricky discuss its outcome, including the election’s exit poll data, voting differences among each generation, and greater dividing lines. In addition they share, via four C-CRETS, how the election postmortem can inform employees and corporations. This week on C-CRETS [4:00] […]

17. Mirror-Mirror: Are You Being Your Authentic Self at Work?

What stops you from being your authentic self at work? In this episode, Keith and Ricky share why people who are part of underrepresented groups may not keep it ‘one-hundred,’ bringing all of who they are into the workplace. They’ll also let you in on how inauthenticity can hinder your career and share tips on […]

16. Ego vs. ROI: Getting the Value Out of Your Education and Certifications

Does it matter where you went to college? In this episode, Keith and Ricky talk about colleges, multiple degrees, and the return on investment (ROI) of your education. They’ll share insights on educational traps versus educational gains, as well as how your educational investment can move the needle forward in your career. This week on […]

15. Code Switching: Acting on Stage at Work and at Home

As a minority, being able to navigate your environment while maintaining a sense of authenticity is a balancing act in corporate America. Should you suppress your cultural identity to obtain career success, or should you sacrifice advancement for the sake of bringing your full self into the workplace? From the way you talk to what […]

14. Dissing My Name and How It Can Impact My Career

In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky discuss the weaponization of a person’s name, including potential negative outcomes that come from having an uncommon name in the workforce, as well as how to navigate having a unique name. This week on C-CRETS [3:19 ] The hosts personal experiences with their names [7:38] Ricky talks about reading […]

13. The Black Tax: The Corporate Price for Admission?

It’s the elephant in the room–the black tax. From the open hands of family members and paying higher insurance rates to being expected to work harder and speak on behalf of your race, in this episode, Keith and Ricky pull back the curtains. They share with listeners how the black tax has impacted their careers, […]

12. The TRUTH: Why Voting Matters. A Conversation with Congresswoman Barbara Lee

In this episode, Keith and Ricky talk about the ramifications on underrepresented employees if they don’t vote in the upcoming elections. They’re joined by Congresswoman Barbara Lee, who shares how you can, through voting, help move the needle that creates change.  This week on C-CRETS [5:03] Congresswoman Barbara Lee talks about some of the challenges […]

11. Water Cooler Talk at Work…Is It a Trap?

The ability to successfully climb the corporate ladder includes knowing how to hold your tongue when exposed to discussions that don’t add value to an organization. Water cooler talk can cause your career to sink if you bite the bait. Whether you hear a coworker speaking inappropriately or are confronted by a hot topic, knowing […]

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