10. The State of Hispanic Employees in the Workplace with Andre Arbelaez

The challenges faced by Hispanic employees in the workplace is discussed in today’s C-CRETS episode. President and CEO of the Hispanic C-Suite Corporate Council (HC3), Andre Arbelaez, joins the hosts to give insight into how Hispanic employees can climb the corporate ladder despite the hurdles faced. In addition, steps on how corporations can make the […]

9. Closed Mouths Don’t Get Fed…Negotiating Total Compensation

The wage gap continues to be a major dilemma for underrepresented groups with long-term effects. In this episode, Keith and Ricky share their experiences with negotiating compensation, the systematic impact of under-earning, and the potential negative outcomes of not negotiating properly during an interview. You won’t have to view your next job offer as a […]

8. I Need to Get Paid…Understanding Total Compensation

When you receive a job offer, it’s important that you negotiate your total compensation. In this episode, Keith and Ricky discuss the long-term impact of not understanding total compensation. Childcare, bonuses, stock options, and equity are among the incentives discussed. You’ll gain clarity on why it’s not all about the base salary and why you […]

5. Bye Bye…Knowing How & When to Leave Your Job

When it comes to moving on from a job, you’ve got to have a plan and consider both the short-term and long-term impact of leaving. In today’s job market, you must have a sound exit strategy that moves you closer to your ideal end-result. Saying goodbye the wrong way comes with consequences. In this episode, […]

4. Don’t Zap Your Career…Dealing with External Static

Epi 4: Dealing with External Static External static happens whenever people or situations disrupt your serenity. In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky talk about the impact of external static on the person climbing the corporate ladder. Whether it’s the extra financial pressure that comes from being the one that ‘made it’ or dealing with health […]

3. Remote Control: Working Virtually Without Wrecking Your Career

This Week on C-CRETS: As many of us have found out during the COVID-19 pandemic, working from home is no joke! In this podcast, Keith and Ricky will share how they’ve successfully managed remote and virtual work during their careers and provide key C-Crets for you to successfully navigate working remotely without wrecking your career. […]

2. Combating MicroAggressions

This week on C-Crets Part of climbing the corporate ladder entails understanding microaggressions. In this episode, Keith and Ricky share their experiences with microaggressions, along with the  negative outcomes that can result from coded language. Tune in for C-CRETS on combating rhetoric that undermines you in the workplace.  [1:42] What is microaggression [3:26] The promoted […]

1. Fill Your Cups

C-Crets is a weekly podcast that highlights dilemmas faced by underrepresented employees in their quest to climb the career ladder. In their debut episode, hosts Keith Powell and Ricky Robinson share with listeners nuggets of wisdom, known as c-crets, that will help them navigate corporate life.  Listeners will gain insight about the journey towards the […]

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