37. Intersectional Invisibility: Black and Female in Corporate America

What’s it really like being a black woman in corporate America? In today’s episode, the hosts continue their panel discussion with three black women who, this week, share what it’s like being the ‘only’ one in the room. They also talk about sponsorship and code switching for the come up. You’ll also learn some statistics […]

36. Skin Folk & Kin Folk: Real Talk on Colorism

Is privilege disbursed based on a person’s skin color, even within the black community? In today’s episode, the hosts and a panel of three black women discuss how colorism continues to affect our community. Listen as they share their experiences with both colorism and class. You’ll also get receipts on the impact of colorism and […]

34. The Struggle is Real: Black Women & Mental Health

African-Americans consistently face issues that cause stress and trauma, whether it’s unfair treatment at work or housing discrimination. While some of the dilemmas we face have recently been highlighted in news outlets, many people continue to silently face daily challenges. May marks Mental Health Awareness Month. In this episode, you’ll hear from three black women […]

33. Are You Keeping Score or Scoring Points?: Activity vs. Impact

Is the ability to level up a matter of checking off the right box? In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky will bring you some clarity by defining the difference between activity vs. impact. You’ll find out why focusing on completing tasks might end up being a hindrance and why focusing on impact is what really […]

32. Turning S**t into Sugar – Effectively Dealing with a Difficult Boss

Did you know 39% of employees start looking for a new job because of a difficult or bad boss? In today’s episode, our hosts will break down the different types of difficult bosses, and share receipts on the impact of working with both good and difficult bosses. They’ll also fill you in on the potential […]

31. The New Dilemma: The Right Thing vs. The White Thing

Being an initiator or a supporter of BIPOC causes has presented the dilemma—the right thing or the white thing. Choosing to remain silent on issues affecting persons within underrepresented groups, however, does not place you in a neutral position. In today’s episode, hosts Keith and Ricky will share stories that exemplify this moral dilemma, which […]

30. Taking On A Stretch Assignment To Boost Your Career!

Proactively taking on a stretch assignment or job can exponentially advance your career. Listen in as Keith and Ricky share their own experiences of accepting and thriving in stretch roles. Hear why being up for the challenge of a stretch role matters and learn 4 C-CRETS on how to choose and secure one that furthers […]

29. Showing Up Like a Boss – C-CRETS to a Building an Executive Presence

When you show up in a room, what do people notice about you? In today’s episode, hosts Keith and Ricky talk about the characteristics that create a powerful executive presence. Learn about why having an executive presence matters in the corporate arena and how to utilize it for your own career advancement. You’ll also get […]

28. “The Dangers of Performative Allyship” – Breaking Bread with Amber Cabral

Will there be an end to the corporate theatrics? In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky discuss corporate America’s instinct to create convenient messaging. They’re also joined by Inclusion and Diversity Consultant and CEO at Cabral Co. Amber Cabral. Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., Amber’s company helps guide organizations that want to create […]