30. Taking On A Stretch Assignment To Boost Your Career!

Proactively taking on a stretch assignment or job can exponentially advance your career. Listen in as Keith and Ricky share their own experiences of accepting and thriving in stretch roles. Hear why being up for the challenge of a stretch role matters and learn 4 C-CRETS on how to choose and secure one that furthers […]

29. Showing Up Like a Boss – C-CRETS to a Building an Executive Presence

When you show up in a room, what do people notice about you? In today’s episode, hosts Keith and Ricky talk about the characteristics that create a powerful executive presence. Learn about why having an executive presence matters in the corporate arena and how to utilize it for your own career advancement. You’ll also get […]

28. “The Dangers of Performative Allyship” – Breaking Bread with Amber Cabral

Will there be an end to the corporate theatrics? In today’s episode, Keith and Ricky discuss corporate America’s instinct to create convenient messaging. They’re also joined by Inclusion and Diversity Consultant and CEO at Cabral Co. Amber Cabral. Formerly a Diversity Strategist at Walmart Stores, Inc., Amber’s company helps guide organizations that want to create […]

24. Transforming Whiteness to Create an Inclusive Workplace – An Interview with Dorit Cypis

This month’s podcast will spotlight a diverse group of women in celebration of Women’s History Month. In today’s episode Keith and Ricky talk about the benefits of whiteness as it’s the standard against which everything is compared in American culture. The host also interview Canadian-American artist, mediator and educator, Doris Cypis, who shares her perspective […]

23. Finding Your Zen: Pandemic Work Life Balance and Beyond

The new normal has included employees saving on a tank of gas and the cost of lunch, while companies are saving on previous employee expenses, including gym memberships and Metro bus passes.  For some employees however, having an office at home has brought up new challenges, including working beyond the 9-5 timeframe. Many have found […]

22. The ‘Rona and It’s Wrath on Underrepresented Employees

The compounding effect of the COVID-19 pandemic cannot be denied. In this episode, hosts Keith and Ricky discuss how other countries have responded to COVID, the demographics of essential workers, and the pandemic’s role in increasing the digital divide. They also share how you can support women and BIPOC employees during COVID. This week on […]

21. Ignore, Copy or Destroy – Corporate America’s Predictable Instincts

When it comes to race and equity, Corporate America has engaged in a cycle of behavior that’s proven to be harmful to underrepresented employees. Are there two systems of justice?  Recent incidents including the death of George Floyd and the insurrection on the Capital further highlighted the racial disparities in America. In this first episode […]