58. Bridging the Gap: Effectively Using HR

How can the Human Resources (HR) department help you navigate your career? Why is it important to be proactive about building a relationship with a HR leader? Here’s the thing, HR leaders are in the room when career discussions are taking place. In today’s episode, we’ll share why connecting with your HR department’s important and […]

57. Being Authentic and Still Getting to the Top: An Interview with Gary Cunningham

What is your authentic leadership style? How can underrepresented employees in leadership positions navigate corporate culture in the post-George Floyd era? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Chief HR Officer Gary Cunningham, who provides some insight on his path to the top, including the challenges and triumphs he faced along the way. We’ll also discuss […]

56. The Story Behind the Story: The Journey to Corporate Leadership with Brooke Story

In today’s episode, we’re joined by Brooke Story, a member of the Executive Leadership Council and a Worldwide President for a multibillion-dollar Med Device and Technology company. Listen as Brooke talks about her path to the top, her sponsorship journey, and some of the challenges and successes she’s faced in corporate America. We’ll also discuss […]

55. Do the Hustle: Betting on Yourself While Maintaining a Day Job

How do we manage our high-level roles at work and our side hustle—C-CRETS? How can having another source of income benefit your life? Globally, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about dynamic changes, including many employees being allowed to work from home. Since then, more and more employees have begun reevaluating their workplaces and what’s important to […]

54. The Promotion Mirage: A Conversation with Jalaima Nichols and Alex Gumbs

Does the goalpost for promotional opportunities at your job keep on moving? Is there an economic cost associated with workplace inequality? In today’s episode, we’re joined by Jalaima Nichols and Alex Gumbs, who both discuss their career paths, including challenges faced from racial disparities. We’ll provide receipts on the lack of leadership promotions for black […]

53. The Family Trailblazer: First Generation Professional in Corporate America

Within any family, the first generation to venture into uncharted waters, including the corporate workplace, does so without the input of history. But what happens when there’s no predecessor to give you helpful insights? In this episode, we’ll explore the journey of minorities and women moving into professional corporate jobs. We’ll also share some of […]

52. Can We Just Stop All This Damn Performative Allyship?

Performative allyship remains a detriment to actual change in the lives of people of color, and the slight of hand business tactics without any meaningful support has not gone unnoticed. In today’s episode, we’ll talk about performative allyship as it relates to current events. We’ll also share some examples of performative allyship in the public […]

51. Beer, Golf and Other Necessities to Reach the Top

What would you do if your boss invited you to play golf or to another social gathering? In this episode, hear why turning down too many social opportunities at your job may not be the best career move. In fact, networking with your boss, peers and other senior leaders in your organization can present you […]

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