80. Season 4 Finale: Verify Your Receipts or Course Correct: Mid-Year Performance Review

It’s time to talk to your boss about your mid-year performance review. How will this conversation unfold?  Mid-year performance reviews remain critical for tracking how well your career is progressing. In this season’s finale, we’ll share with you the content and structure for a proactive and productive mid-year performance review. We’ll also provide receipts on […]

78. Turning the Tide: Coping with Workplace Static with Dr. Sylvia Bartley

How do you overcome external static to reach your goals? What’s the emotional impact on BIPOC employees when the playing field is unleveled at work? In today’s episode, Sr. Director-Health Equity, Dr. Sylvia Bartley, joins us to talk about her career path. From questions being raised about her ability to achieve a PhD in Neurophysiology […]

77. Overqualified to be Qualified: A Conversation with Nnamdi Njoku

Do black employees really need to be twice as good? Medtech executive leader, Nnamdi Njoku, joins us to talk about deciding on one’s future path, glass cliff opportunities, leadership, and making an impact. We’ll also discuss identity and resilience, finding support from your village, and being overqualified at work. Then, we’ll provide receipts on qualification […]

76. Breaking the Mold: A Conversation with Kana Ueda

In recognition of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Heritage Month, we’re joined by global product information leader, Kana Ueda, who discusses her career journey as an Asian woman with us. From cultural expectations to imposter syndrome, Kana shares why advocating for yourself as an Asian woman is critical to career success. We’ll also talk […]

74. I Got Something to Say: Thought Leadership 2.0

What are the roadblocks preventing you from establishing your voice as a thought leader? How can you become a better thought leader within your industry? In today’s episode, we’ll recap some key themes from one of our most popular episodes where we covered thought leadership. In addition, we’ll expand on how you can become a […]

73. Just Keep Living: A Conversation with Lisa Bennett

Author, speaker and serial entrepreneur Lisa Bennett joins us to talk about her book ‘Just Keep Living: Conversations with Granny.’ In today’s episode, we’ll talk with Lisa about her career path, including some of the challenges and triumphs she’s faced along the way. We’ll also discuss coping with external static, fitting into a work culture, […]

72. Black on Black Crime: Losing Who You Are on the Climb to the Top

What happens when black leaders don’t support black employees? How do BIPOC employees move forward in corporate America when BIPOC leaders act as company gatekeepers? In today’s episode we’ll talk about getting held back by your ‘own’.   Listen as we share stories of how we’ve been impacted positively and negatively by black leaders, and the […]

70. Who the F**K is “They”?

Have you ever received news or feedback from someone who claimed it wasn’t really from them, instead ‘they’ said it? What happens when people are generalized as ‘they’? In today’s episode, we’re seeking to answer, who is this unnamed “they”? Listen as we talk about generalizations and stereotypes, and how they’ve impacted our career. In […]

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