Setting Your Own Expectations

It’s hard to maneuver in your career while being Black due to societal expectations. When black employees react negatively to other employees or unfair situations at work, the spotlight often is on the employee and not what triggered a reaction. On our podcast C-CRETS, we’ve discussed certain ‘triggers’ such as microaggressions in the workplace. This […]


In season 6 of C-CRETS, the theme is “Staying on Code.” Staying on code means doing your part to uplift your demographic. There are many BIPOC employees that champion this message. But in order to advance your group, you must first advance yourself as an individual. In other words, having the ability to pull others […]

Staying on Code

The corporate workplace is not an equal playing field. Everyday, BIPOC employeesface various challenges, from microaggressions to being passed over for promotionsand other work opportunities that they’re qualified to receive. Despite this, BIPOCemployees have and continue to climb the corporate ladder by contributing value totheir organizations, as well as honing key skill sets such as […]


In our efforts to pay bills and meet other expenses, it’s easy to lose track of our spending. But just as we seek shelter on a rainy day, we also have to ensure we’re covered financially when unexpected circumstances arise. Here’s where saving money comes in, as it can help provide financial security, and safeguards you […]


If you look online, you might assume that many people are earning an income of six figures. However, this is not really the case. This $100,000 salary threshold is reached by a minority of employees. In fact, the average American worker actually makes closer to $51,480, according to a USA Today article. For the most part, […]


A report from National Student Clearinghouse indicates that there’s approximately 1.5 million fewer students enrolled in college than before the pandemic. However, Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and online schools have seen an increase in their enrollment numbers. This according to the Wall Street Journal article College Enrollment Declines Again Though Online Schools, HBCUs […]

Thread Lightly: Navigating Toxic Work Environments

It’s Monday morning. How do you feel? If the very thought of going into work makes you want to slink back down under the blanket, well you’re not alone. The Yahoo Finance article Dread Mondays? So Do 66% of Americans — Here’s How To Fix That, cites a LinkedIn survey which found that 66% of […]

5 Ways to Build Trust in the Workplace

In episode 75 of the C-CRETS podcast, ‘The Intersection of Trust, Burnout, and Mental Wellbeing: A Conversation with Nidhi Tewari,’ she spoke about the impact that a lack of trust can have on an employee’s workplace experience. Trust among colleagues, supervisors, and managers plays a vital role in how an organization functions. A lack of […]

The Executive Roadmap: 3 Keys to a Successful Career Path

When it comes to corporate America, getting to the top within any sector will involve its fair share of setbacks and challenges. In our podcast, C-CRETS, we’ve consistently pulled back the curtains for our listeners. We’ve shared real-life examples from our own experiences and that of our guests, provided receipts that highlight key issues, and […]


 3 WAYS TO OPTIMIZE YOUR RETIREMENT SAVINGS There’s a reality that human beings experience from birth, and that is—we’re getting older every day. Most adults have to work to earn an income, and unfortunately for some people, as they near retirement age, they’re not in a position to stop working. For others, though they retire, […]

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