Epi 65: The Truth About Fear: A Remix with Dorit Cypis

Epi 65: The Truth About Fear: A Remix with Dorit Cypis

How do you reframe the fear of differences into having faith that differences can create better possibilities? Educator and social activator Dorit Cypis is back on the podcast to discuss revealing systematic racism, capitalism, and engaging empathy, including towards yourself. She also talks about why conflict presents an opportunity for change, and shares proactive tools for combating racism.

We’ll also provide receipts on the dangers of structural racism in the workplace, and C-CRETS from Dorit on what allies and advocates can do to help dismantle it.

This week on C-CRETS:

[6:16] Revealing systematic racism

[10:35] Fixing things

[11:45] Start performing as an ally

[15:25] Fear of losing privilege

[18:46] Triggered reactions

[23:45] The four As

[34:07] Invisible roots

[40:15] Giving people tools to change

[41:16 ] Receipts on structural racism at work

[48:37] Dorit talks about Peoples Lab

[55:55] Conflict is an opportunity

[59:08] We are all affected

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Resources mentioned:

Diversity in the Workplace Statistics

Peoples Lab

Dorit Cypis

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