EPISODE 101: Getting on Code

EPISODE 101: Getting on Code

Welcome to Season 6 of C-CRETS. We’re excited to bring you another season of hot fire! This season we’ll focus on Staying on Code (SOC). 

Staying on code is more than writing a check. It also means advocating for others when you’re in the room, being a mentor, and sending the elevator back down to help someone else up the corporate ladder. And in today’s episode, we’ll define what being on code means and share examples of what it is and isn’t. Then, we’ll provide receipts on the importance of being on code and share 4 C-CRETS on how to get on code and stay there. 

This week on C-CRETS

[2:52] Current events to process

[5:00] An intro to staying on code 

[5:50] Breaking it down further 

[8:10] Examples of staying on code

[14:14] You’re not going to make it alone

[20:43] The impact of staying on code

[22:18] Receipts on the importance of being on code 

[29:40] 4 C-CRETS on how to get on code 

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Resources mentioned

The Mentoring Effect: Young People’s Perspectives on the Outcomes and Availability of Mentoring

Cultures of Giving: W.K. Kellogg Foundation

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