Episode 107: The 4 P’s of Black Expectation

Episode 107: The 4 P’s of Black Expectation

There are 4 P’s of black expectation. The impact of having to live up to these expectations adds another layer of trauma, and puts up barriers that many BIPOC employees must overcome, in order to succeed in their careers. 

In this episode, we’ll define the 4 P’s of Black expectation, talk about how they have shown up in our own careers, and provide receipts on how they show up in the workplace. And while organizations can do more to get on code and dismantle the harm caused by these expectations on black employees; as an employee, your awareness of these expectations matter. 

That’s why, we’ll share 3 C-CRETS on how you as an employee can use the 4 P’s to your advantage.

This week on C-CRETS

[3:08] The 4 P’s of black expectation 

[10:30] We’re judge for our punctuality

[13:18] Parading diversity 

[18:37] There’s no in between

[21:35] Trauma and barriers

[23:23] Receipts on how the 4 P’s show up in the workplace

[30:10] C-CRETS on how you can use the 4 P’s to your advantage

[39:42] C-CRET coaching services

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