Episode 108: The Data Don’t Lie: A Conversation with Mark Palmer

Episode 108: The Data Don’t Lie: A Conversation with Mark Palmer

In today’s episode, Mark Palmer joins us in the C-CRETS chair, as we talk about understanding and connecting with others, playing to one’s strengths for career advancement, the insights gained from being the only, and modeling inclusivity.

Mark has 20 years of corporate experience including strategic planning, market research, and data analysis. He is co-creator of the Position Success Indicator, the Job Fit Calculator; and LaborGenome™ Talent Mapping technology. Mark is also a consultant, and principal and advisor with Innovative Leadership Institute, a management consulting firm offering progressive leadership development, team building, and organizational effectiveness.

Listen, as Mark discusses the role data and behavioral science can play in leveling the playing field for marginalized communities, before we provide receipts on representation in Mark’s field of expertise, as well as receipts on bias in hiring. 

Then, we’ll share C-CRETS on tools you can use to align your career, and C-CRETS on how leaders can use their power and privilege for good to dismantle discriminatory systems in the workplace. 

This week on C-CRETS

[3:03] Dismantling biases

[3:24] Mark Palmer is introduced

[6:22] Mark shares his story

[11:31} How Mark got into his field

[15:44] Leveraging your value

[17:56] Being the only

[20:15] When you know you’re good

[23:23] Facing challenges

[29:39] The human codes

[30:53] Hire Direction

[36:24] Finding your voice as a leader

[40:13] The receipts

[48:13} C-CRETS on tools you can use to better align your career

[51:42] C-CRETS on how leaders can dismantle discriminatory systems 

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