What type of employee does a company keep when pink slips are being handed out? 

It’s not the employee who rarely missed a day of work, nor is it the person who pushed paper in a timely fashion or even the person who completed their colleagues’ assignments while they were out on vacation. You see when a company’s looking to make cuts, loyalty is rarely rewarded.

Instead, it’s the employee who’s made an impact who’ll walk into work the following Monday morning.

In the recent episode of C-CRETS, we talked about completing the activities or tasks under your job spec versus implementing decisions that not only drive the company, but move your career forward as well.

Checking off a to-do list versus directly affecting a company’s bottom line so they’re able to achieve more are two different things. It’s the difference between a report being written and a proposal being accepted during a high-stakes bid.

Persons of impact are problem solvers who support a company’s growth. 

But in order to become a problem solver, you’ll have to view your work as more than just benefiting your company. Think about how the ability to solve problems and make an impact improves you. Moreover, your ability to make an impact where you currently work can become a talking point for your next position.

Bottom line: In an age where skills are transferable and companies swiftly make changes, your ability to create impact will provide you with some leverage. 

More than ever, your focus on creating impact matters. 

Here are three things you’ll need to implement for greater impact:

Ask yourself ‘How can I make an impact?’

Your current position, no matter what it is, can further your career trajectory. The challenge that many employees face is the belief that their job spec is all they can do. However, if you adopt the approach that impact can be made at any time, this mindset is in keeping with career growth.

Ask yourself how you can make an impact. What new ideas can you initiate? Be thoughtful when preparing new ideas so that they both empower you and move the needle forward for your employer.

Can you make an impact on your coworkers? 

It isn’t only about the tangible, look at how you can positively impact others by speaking up when needed or by assisting where appropriate. Your relationships can also play a part in your roadmap to success.

Put some points on the board

The most important aspect of making an impact is the actual implementation of solutions at your workplace.

Reallocate your time if you know that some of your hours at work are wasted on mundane tasks. Instead, focus on tasks that are more critical. For instance, you can simplify daily routine activities like checking email by allocating the activity to certain time intervals, i.e. at 12pm and 4pm.

By prioritizing your assignments, you can also make space to take on more strategic risk.

Putting points on the board is about moving important initiatives forward. This can only be done when we’re able to measure the importance of a task, realizing that not all tasks are equal. Employees that don’t get bogged down are able to quickly spearhead new ideas.

Tell me how you’ve made an impact

In order to remain relevant, you must speak up about how you’ve helped in providing solutions for your company. Start documenting your personal wins

By documenting your achievements you’ll not only be reminded that you’re capable of success, you’ll also see where you can build on them.

Simply put, no one’s going to know that you’ve made an impact if you say nothing. In addition, you should be able to articulate how you’ve made an impact so that the person listening understands. 

The messaging of how the solution you provided was important helps in conveying its significance. As the world becomes more virtual, you will need receipts on how you are making an impact. Without proof, you’re more likely to remain invisible to decision- makers who can push the forward button on your career.  The wrap up: if we spend less time completing activities and more time making an impact, we will see greater success and stand out among our peers. 

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