August 2021 marked the one-year anniversary of C-CRETS.

During the first year of the podcast, we created episodes that could help our listeners pivot, operate virtually, and earn more income. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the world of work looked completely different than it had in 2020. And we realized how pertinent our podcast’s content was for listeners trying to navigate the shifting corporate landscape.

We kicked off season two of the podcast in February, while August marked the beginning of season three. In each season, we’ve helped listeners build on their knowledge of succeeding in corporate America, and have continued to share valuable C-CRETS that could help our listeners in creating a thriving career journey.

As 2021 comes to a close, and we wrap up this season of the podcast, we encourage you to reflect on your career path and map out a plan on how you can move your career forward in the upcoming year. By becoming more informed and better yet, taking action on what you’ve learned, you’ll be better positioned for the New Year!

So here are 5 C-CRETS that we shared with listeners in 2021 of our podcast. And in case you need a reminder, you can click on the link to listen to each episode.

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1.Speak Up

This podcast is an example of choosing to speak up and share information that can help others. There’s truth in the old adage ‘Knowledge is power.’

In a society where information is constant and continuously changing, it remains important that underrepresented employees communicate with one another and share helpful information and resources.

Speaking up also means articulating your value. Come up with a list of talking points on how you contribute value to your workplace. By articulating your contributions, you can better position yourself for any future opportunities that become available.

2.Look the Part

Our podcast on executive presence was one of our listeners favorites. Executive presence enables you to establish your personal brand.

Th truth is, your outward appearance does matter, especially if you want to climb higher on the corporate ladder. It remains important to dress appropriately for work and according to the standards of your particular job environment.

But executive presence isn’t only about appearances, it’s also about how you engage with others. Being able to effectively communicate and engage with diverse audiences, whether in-person or virtually, allows you to further develop your brand, and is also seen as a valuable attribute.

Having a professional persona and honing your executive presence can contribute greatly towards the progress of your career.

3.Go Beyond the Status Quo

Take the time to not only complete the tasks you’re assigned, do them with excellence. By doing this, you’re bound to stand out among your peers.

Good communication, critical thinking, and the ability to problem-solve will also enable you to move beyond the status quo.

Doing excellent work also increases the chances that you’ll receive mentorship from leaders within your organization. In addition, the employee who consistently exceeds expectations can attract opportunities, including finding a sponsor.

On C-CRETS, we’ve talked a lot about how important sponsorship is in fast-tracking a person’s career. Sponsors can introduce you to key players within your industry, refer you for a job opening, advocate for you when you’re not in a room, and more. But at the end of the day, he or she is risking their reputation, and so it’s important that you consistently demonstrate excellence at what you do.

4.Be a Thought Leader

Thought leadership is the ability to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise within a field through your content. In a nutshell, thought leaders build authority.

You can also become a thought leader.

By being willing to share your good ideas at work and validating them through implementation, your peers and the leaders within your company will see that you are solutions oriented.

Sharing ideas that solve a problem and that positively impact others helps in cementing others view of you as a thought leader. Not only that, but it also enables you to build trust and followers.

The ability to get other people to listen to what you have to say and follow you is a key component of leadership. This is why the most successful thought leaders are people who can inspire others to take action.

Thought leadership also allows you to become a resource for specific information, which enables other people to seek you out.


As the world becomes more virtual and in many cases, people begin to gather less, it’s critical that you recognize the importance of networking and communities.

No one can advance in their career alone.

In episode 51 Beer, Golf and Other Necessities to Reach the Top, we shared the value of networking.

The employee who sees networking and connecting with members of their organization as an option is at a disadvantage, compared to the employee who sees it as a necessary part of their career advancement.

Networking allows you to learn more about the people you work with, increases your visibility among your company’s leadership, allows you to learn more about the underlying culture of where you work, and to develop relationships. All in all, networking is a useful component of your career interest that shouldn’t be diminished because it doesn’t take place within the context of work.

Make effectively networking part of your career strategy. You’ll not only leave a positive impression on others this way, you’ll also increase the chances of being remembered when new opportunities become available.

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There are many moving parts that must come together in order to climb the corporate ladder.

It doesn’t just come down to getting the work done.

The C-CRETS shared on our podcast, including the above five tips, are some of the strategies that has worked for us. Our goal remains to have more underrepresented employees  take a seat at the table. And because you’re here, reading this blog post, and are a podcast listener, we know that you’re choosing to take control of your career future.

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