For many people, money in the bank involves working to earn a consistent income. Likewise, most people, though they’d like a fatter bank account, are unable to pinpoint what’s holding them back in their careers. 

Generally, employees will earn less from their employer the longer they stay at that particular job. According to Forbes, it can equate to 50% less income earned or more over a lifetime.

This is significant as it affects all aspects of that employee’s life, from what childcare options are available to the neighborhoods visited to buy a home.

If you listen to the C-CRETS podcast, you’re probably a hard worker interested in career growth. But as the world becomes more virtual, it’s increasingly important that you work smarter as workplace dynamics shift. 

You can’t solely leave it up to your employer to offer training opportunities if you value your career growth.

As an individual, your professional development is important in order to climb the corporate ladder. At C-CRETS, we provide knowledge and expertise through our coaching services. This helps empower our clients to implement the necessary changes for both their professional and career development.

We’ve experienced tremendous growth since C-CRETS began last year as more listeners tune in, and as we enter into Season III of the podcast, we’ll continue to provide you with relevant and topical content.

Many listeners feel inspired by what they’re learning from the podcast. We’ve found that those who become clients not only listen to our content, but they also reflect on their career, and have a desire to achieve significant and meaningful future goals. This is why they choose us. We have helped dozens of people get more coin in their pockets.

Our mission is to help more minority and underrepresented employees move ahead. We’ve made it to the C-Suite and we’ll like more people to reach further up the career ladder. Some benefits of our coaching services are that our clients gain clarity, create better goals, and develop transferable skills. 

Clarity helps people implement change. Often there are missing gaps and uncertainty about what to do to improve our careers. Our services will help you tackle any gaps we see between your current skill set and what you’ll need to become more competitive.

In doing this you’ll be able to create better goals and implement a strategy that’ll allow you to achieve specific career objectives. 

The more specific your goals are, the easier it’ll be to achieve them. Our clients learn practical steps targeted to their individual career path, as well as what transferable skills they’ll need to develop, whether its listening and relationship building or paying more attention to details and honing their computer skills. It’s truly different for everyone.

Unlike our podcast, which provides general information, our sessions are designed around you, the individual, to shortcut the time spent learning so you can accelerate your career.

The investment has paid off for many of our clients who’ve stepped into management positions, increased their salaries, and started working at new companies. 

Here are the experiences of two of our clients:

“I have had the pleasure of working with both Keith and Ricky at various stages of my career.  As executive coaches they have helped me transition from feeling confused and overwhelmed to finding clarity and identifying my career goals.  They have the ability to draw out the best in you, those hidden qualities you possess that will make you an asset at any organization. I am extremely grateful for their guidance, support and encouragement over the years.” 

“Knowledgeable, well respected, compassionate, and invested in the success of every mentee. Through honest and transparent coaching, will motivate you to reach your fullest potential, and challenge you to take the necessary risks to grow. If you’re looking for hands on mentorship and detailed coaching, call today.”

More than likely, you’ve read this blog post because you want to make the necessary changes to further your career. 

If you’re ready to make more money and level up in your career, we’re here to help you. Find out more about our coaching services. 

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