In our efforts to pay bills and meet other expenses, it’s easy to lose track of our spending. But just as we seek shelter on a rainy day, we also have to ensure we’re covered financially when unexpected circumstances arise.

Here’s where saving money comes in, as it can help provide financial security, and safeguards you during a financial emergency. Investing, on the other hand, is an effective way to put your money to work for you and earn additional income. Both saving money and making investments can relieve stress about one’s financial future.

But today, we’re not talking about investing in cryptocurrency, the stock market or in real estate. We’re talking about investing in your most important asset-YOU.

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Every week on C-CRETS, we share with listener’s powerful tips (C-CRETS) on how to avoid career-crushing traps so that you can finally get your seat at the table. But, as an underrepresented employee, it’s going to be hard to get that seat without some degree of introspection. And introspection often means a willingness to ask oneself some tough questions.

What many successful individuals have found to be true after asking the tough questions is that some measure of personal investment was required in order to make advancements in their career.

Career growth is not up to your employer. It’s up to you.

On the podcast, we’ve shared our own experiences of how we were able to further our careers by leveling up both our personal and professional development. This required belief that we could succeed, in addition to making investments such as updating our resumes, getting mentorship, and seeking out advice from experts who’d successfully navigated through some of the issues we were facing.

No one advances on the career path alone.

C-CRETS has become a great resource that serves to empower underrepresented employees as they go about their careers across various sectors. Every month, thousands of listeners tune in to hear from us and our esteemed guests on topics such as social justice in the workplace, burnout and mental well-being, how to effectively utilize HR, performative allyship, and thought leadership.  

While the podcast itself provides listeners with valuable resources and tools which can assist them in managing their careers, our coaching program takes it a step further, facilitating individualized strategy and implementation for the clients that come to us.

Truth is, as great as the C-CRETS podcast is, we can not adjust the content to fit any individual situation. And those that reach out and take us up on our coaching offer recognize this.

Our client receipts are strong. Here’s what a couple of clients had to say:

“I could not recommend C-CRETS more! Working with Ricky and Keith has been amazing and has given me the reassurance and additional confidence I needed to go after what I deserve. As an African-American woman it is easy to slip into the imposter syndrome trap and feel unseen in a corporate world that has not provided the resources for us to succeed. In working with Ricky and Keith I felt seen and received guidance that helped me stay true and authentic to who I am while navigating the challenges of corporate America. Since working with them I have received two significant raises and a promotion within my organization. I have also been actively recruited by other companies and have begun to see my value outside of my current organization and this has helped to ensure I am getting what I deserve from my career. These guys get a 20 out of 10 not because they helped me get more money but because they were authentic and invested in me personally. I am a better professional because of them!”

“The value that the C-CRETS team has provided to me has been unmatched. Being equipped with the skills to negotiate my total compensation, plan my growth strategy and diversify my thought process has been cogent to my recent success as a People Leader. Ricky & Keith, Thank You for always being your authentic selves in pursuit of guiding a community of ambitious pathfinders, like myself, to their next WIN!”

As we start the new year, take time to for that self-discovery moment. Ask yourself, “Am I finally ready to invest in myself and my future?”

Here’s what our clients have realized and you should too.

1.Paying for valuable information saves you time.

The important things in life are either going to require your time or your money. Our clients have found that paying for coaching, whether it’s a single session or a series of sessions, has saved them time.

Time that would’ve otherwise been spent trying to figure out a workplace dilemma, what’s the best way to approach a potential mentor, or even which job opportunity to pursue. Coaching is an investment that has given our clients the clarity to be more  decisive as they stride towards achieving their career objectives.

One major benefit from C-CRETS coaching is that the clarity you achieve enables you to focus on the best way forward.

2.You deserve more

For many people, the COVID-19 pandemic brought with it some down time, away from the office setting. This allowed space to reflect on their life circumstances, including what are the priorities.

Whether you’re working in a toxic environment, are bored with your job, or simply need more income to improve your quality of life, working with a career coach can help you navigate through the situation, so that you create more options for yourself.

We’ve helped our clients come up with sustainable plans that enable them make progress on their goals, whether its connecting with key players in their industry, switching jobs, or obtaining a pay increase.

3. You drive your career, not your employer

It’s easy to forget or put off your career ambitions when tasks must be attended to in the workplace.

Coaching can help you remain accountable to your own career goals, so that you can take focused actions, in addition to getting your work done in the office.

 Not only that, we’ve found that clients who’ve received our career coaching have transferred some of the knowledge and insights they’ve gained into other spheres of their lives, such as relationships and parenting. It’s truly a ripple effect.  

Is investing scary. It can be. But an investment in yourself is never a loss.

So the next time you think ‘what should I invest in’, lead with you.

Making an investment in yourself and your career remains important, as strategic adjustments, whether a few or many, can make all the difference between a ho-hum career, versus one that takes you on an upward trajectory.

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