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Toast the Hosts

Ever wonder how you can be your authentic self and not wreck your career? Curious about how to negotiate your total compensation? Want to know how to recover from (or avoid) a big f’ing mistake?

Let’s fill these cups up and get started! Ricky and Keith came up with C-CRETS while sitting at Keith’s kitchen counter sipping on vodka and cranberry and talking about their struggles climbing the corporate ladder over their 20+ year careers.


After a couple of drinks, we started thinking, “We should record this”!


We’ve dealt with tons of career dilemmas and know others face them too; we’ve been called on for years for career advice; and we’ve been brainstorming for a while about how we could share our experiences at scale. And C-CRETS was born! Join us as we dig into serious roadblocks and questions faced by underrepresented employees in their careers and offer C-CRETS on how to break through. Cheers!

Keith Powell
(aka “KP”)

Keith Powell (aka “KP”) has consistently overcome the odds from an early age.

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Rick Robinson

Ricky D. Robinson is a 25+ year Human Resources Executive that has achieved successes throughout his career.

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Our Staff Members

Now we have the best people 

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